I had the privilege of attending an Indian wedding, this is a 7 day festivity full of colour and traditions.

When growing up in America we had an exchange student stay with us called Yesha. Soon enough our bond became as close as sisters. Yesha and her family showed us around the Gujarat region in India and took us in like family. India is an indescribable place, there is so much colour and happiness but also poverty and pollution. These vast opposites live in harmony. It was a trip of a lifetime I will never forget and I tried to capture the spirit of the place and show the stories through the people.

The American Diaries 

The American diaries is all about a time of nostalgia for me. Going back to the place I grew up after a tough time personally, I was transported instantly to safe feelings and memories as a child. In a way, it was like tunnel vision; with certain things being so vivid and clear but the rest was hazy and blurred into the background. The thing I loved the most was that everything was pretty much the same. I appreciated the stagnancy around me when the current theme in my life is constant change. The shops were the same, the menu in the restaurants still had my favourites, my grandparents house has stayed the same and the landscape around me hadn’t really changed. I saw old friends and familiar faces who had known me as a child and loved me as their own. This time travelling with my step brother and my mum’s partner. I missed the loud thunderstorms and swimming at the lake. This place will always be a part of me and I will be a part of
its landscape. We will forever be connected by land and memories combined.

Ich Weiss Es 

Ich Weiss Es, which translates to ‘I knew it’ explores the loss of memory through Dementia. My grandmother and I do not speak the same language, by mind or mouth, there is a divide between us. Our relationship is a line of memories being held by a delicate thread.

Through the documentation of landscapes and archival imagery, I have left a trail to explain our dynamic and the warmth of her presence through my life and those close to her. From all the memories that have become fragmented, her vivacious personality shines continuously in this piece of work.

We evolve, we die and all that is left behind are our memories with feelings that remain imprinted on those around us.

Cold Water Swimmers 

“Just me, the ducks and the swan. That’s my world at 07:30 two or three times a week. I greet them cordially with a cheerful good morning, after all I’m on their turf (can water be classed as “turf”?) and don’t want to upset them. Sometimes they answer, not the Swan though, she is not on speaking terms just yet, but the ducks gabble and quack and paddle towards me in a frenzied gaggle (or Flock to be more precise), then rush away as though they had just remembered they’d left the oven on. Conversations are short, one sided but oh so satisfying. Just writing this I find myself relaxing and smiling.

Yes, it is cold and yes it can be a tad uncomfortable for a couple of minutes. But, when the body has accepted where it is and relaxed, then the mind has nothing to do except follow suit. I no longer swim lengths, I dawdle and chat and dawdle, hoping, just hoping that one day that swan will wish me a good morning as it majestically “swans” past in the morning sunlight.”


I’m Thinking of You Today 

Dedicated to my grandparents; Connie and Jerry.

Two fictional characters in my life who remain unknown, yet creating bonds through false memories of my own. A narrative of finding
my family identity through letters, pictures and objects. The conception of reality that we carry within our past and family history, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

Focusing mainly on my grandfather, making memories in a continuum with his old film camera, to show him the memories I am now making myself and all the things he never got to see. Going from not knowing what he looked like or who he was to seeing his life journey through the confines of a 50mm view.


Your Grandchild Sarah