The American Diaries 

The American diaries is all about a time of nostalgia for me. Going back to the place I grew up after a tough time personally, I was transported instantly to safe feelings and memories as a child. In a way, it was like tunnel vision; with certain things being so vivid and clear but the rest was hazy and blurred into the background. The thing I loved the most was that everything was pretty much the same. I appreciated the stagnancy around me when the current theme in my life is constant change. The shops were the same, the menu in the restaurants still had my favourites, my grandparents house has stayed the same and the landscape around me hadn’t really changed. I saw old friends and familiar faces who had known me as a child and loved me as their own. This time travelling with my step brother and my mum’s partner. I missed the loud thunderstorms and swimming at the lake. This place will always be a part of me and I will be a part of
its landscape. We will forever be connected by land and memories combined.